Warm Up Wednesday: The Power of Getting Help!

Instead of posting an exercise today, I’m going to give you a little follow up from yesterday.  Basically I overdid it this past week and my SI Joint and T/L Junction locked up on me really bad.  Probably the worst it has ever been!  I couldn’t even lean forward without my back spasming at me.

In the past I would have just ignored it.  But thanks to having a team of medical professionals around me, I have learned that the sooner this issue gets dealt with the better!

The first step was using the inferential unit and some ice.  IF sends a continuous stimulation to the muscles and has been shown to help reduce pain and swelling.  I did a second treatment of this early this morning followed by a few exercises to see how I was moving.

It was clear that something was really off still, so the next step was getting evaluated by Dr. Joe.  Thankfully he has treated me regularly over the years so is very familiar with this issue and what causes it.  He started by palpating the muscles and seeing what the response felt like as well as checking my leg length.  My left leg was a1/2 inch shorter than my right today, ouch!  Here’s the key though, this is going on due to the muscle spasms so instead of going straight to an adjustment (which my body would not respond to anyway because it was in protective mode), Dr. Joe did some ART work on my glutes and TFL.  By just doing that work, my legs evened right back out.

Next step was to reinforce the pelvis not that it was back in the correct position.  I started by doing some basic bridge patterns focusing on glute activation.  Once that began to feel more engaged, I went to a side lying position and did some clam shells.  It was also important to engage my core so I ran through some dead bug sequences as well.

I cannot stress enough how much of a game changer it is reinforcing the soft tissue changes from a treatment with exercise.  Once the body is aligned and responding better, that is the time to build on it.

The end result of all this today, I am about 95% right now and managed to survive a 6 hour flight to Kona for my sister’s wedding!

I made sure to pack my foam roller and an exercise band so that I can continue to help my condition.  Hopefully I will be back to normal and ready to hit the golf course by Friday!!



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