Kicking off a new week

There is nothing better than crushing your Monday workout!  I’m a big believer in doing something each week to help get your mind in the right place to take on whatever comes your way.  And the gym is always a good place to accomplish that.

Lately I have been doing these 10 minute challenges at the end of my workouts to give my heart rate and legs a little extra boost.  Monday seemed like the perfect to try out a new one to get the glutes burning.

Today I combined the Landmine Deadlift and a Jump.  But, to throw a little extra fun in the mix, I added a band to the bar so that the resistance would increase at full extension resulting in some serious glute activation.  The goal is to complete 10 great reps and then follow it up with 6 180 jumps over the bar.

You’ll do this every minute for 10 minutes resting with whatever time remains in each minute.

Probably best to have a towel ready to go with this challenge, it looked like I had taken a shower at the end of it.

Happy New Week!


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