A great way to work on your core stability and torso rotation

On a week like this when I will not be swinging very many golf clubs, but I have to keep my rotational patterns intact for my tournament next week, I'm always looking to incorporate a little more "golfish" in to my workouts. As part of my warm up this morning I included this fun little [...]

Two great TKD drills that will help your golf swing

I've been incorporating martial arts into my fitness routine for 6 years now......when you marry a 6th degree blackbelt in TKD, you pretty much don't have an option other than to learn!  Since golf has been my main sport most of my life, it has been fascinating learning a new skill.  And one of my [...]

Sometimes a little “golfish” is what you need!

I'm a big believer that it's important to address all modalities of the body, not just focus on one specific motion in training.  And these days, I feel like so many trainers are in a rush to mimic the golf swing in a workout or assume that because it looks like a golf swing, it [...]

T-Spine and Activation, what my golf swing needed today

I headed out to the range today for a quick practice session, and only found frustration.  It's amazing how 5 days of being sick has lead to my body feeling weak, disconnected and lacking activation.  This resulted in most of my practice session being spent with wedges and half swings to sync everything back up. [...]