T-Spine and Activation, what my golf swing needed today

I headed out to the range today for a quick practice session, and only found frustration.  It’s amazing how 5 days of being sick has lead to my body feeling weak, disconnected and lacking activation.  This resulted in most of my practice session being spent with wedges and half swings to sync everything back up.  But it also meant working on a few items when I got back to the gym!

    • 2 Arm Open Books:  This is a better version of the original, mostly because it puts more focus on the t-spine instead of the arm reaching for the ground.  First get into the fetal position, you can put some support under your head or even between your knees to achieve a better set up.  Keep the hands together and start by rotating the chest keeping the lower body still.  When your hands start to separate, arms try to bend or the legs move, you know you’ve gone far enough!  Start with a couple sets of 15 reps each side.
    • KB Open Book:  This is a tough one!  First start in the standard open book position just as above.  You will reach your arm to the ceiling holding a weight or kettlebell.  The weight will initiate the rotation towards the ground while simultaneously working on shoulder stability.  2 sets of 10 on each side, take your time on these!
    • Sling Activation:  This is another version of a dead bug, but aimed at activating those all important cross connections that are so important to golf.  Place your hand on the opposite knee and create some tension.  You can also lift you head and shoulder off the ground towards the opposite side to increase the force.  Push for 5 seconds and then switch sides.  10 reps on each side.
    • Kettlebell Chop to Press:  Start in a half kneeling position, making sure to have two 90 degree angles with your legs, pelvis in a posterior tilt and the glutes activated.  Begin with the weight and your chest facing the opposite side from your forward leg.  Push your front foot into the ground and rotate into your leg using the force to bring the kettlebell into a rack position.  From there, take a big breath out and press up.  2 sets of 10 on each side.

Give these a try before heading the range next time and see how your swing feels!


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