Post flight mobility drills!

I’m still have trouble comprehending where I am tonight…..or just the fact that I’m currently 2 miles from Augusta National.  How on earth am I going to sleep tonight knowing that I get to step foot on a golf course that I have spent almost my entire life watching and dreaming of.

In preparation for the day ahead and the long day of travel getting here, it’s time to do some t-spine mobility work!

Here are two great variations of Reachbacks that I use regularly with my clients as well as with myself.

The key to the first position is having awareness of what your body is doing while rotating.  It is much easier to cheat from this position!  Some keys to finding success with this one:

  • The hips need to stay stacked on top of the knees
  • Feel about 60% of the weight staying in the upper body
  • Find neutral spine, you can even put a golf club across your back for feedback
  • As you rotate up, make sure your eyes and head follow you
  • During that rotation, the hips stay stable and back stays neutral

The second version in the video is called Lumbar Locked Reachbacks.  From this position, the low back and hips are pinned.  I also put my arm behind my back to single out the t-spine further.

  • Let your eye and head follow this motion as well
  • Focus on feeling the sternum turn up towards the ceiling
  • Don’t be surprised if you feel more restricted from this position
  • Keep the body centered as you move through this

Try doing a few sets of 10 reps on each side!  Coming up tomorrow is a Masters Sunday workout!



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