Warm Up Wednesday: You have to crawl before you can walk!

Warming up is all about getting the body in the best possible position to crush a workout, round of golf, practice session, Netflix binge watch or even just life!

What better way to get the body firing on all cylinders then taking a step back in time to an exercise you did when you were a baby?

Crawling is awesome.  It brings together elements of hip mobility, shoulder stability, core activation, lumbar stability, right and left brain communication, sensory integration including proprioception and balance, and it’s fun!

Spending even a few minutes crawling forward, backward and lateral at the start of any workout is a great way to unite the body.  And there is only one key element to keep in mind: pretend you have a glass of water on your back while doing it or balance a golf club across your lower back.  If you can successfully crawl without it falling off, success!

And always opt for a beach setting when available 🙂


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