Give your strength workout a boost

Instead of giving you a full workout today, I thought I would show you an easy way to change up what you are doing in the gym and get the sweat flying!

It’s as easy as having either some battling ropes or a jump rope around, and if you don’t have either of those, really anything that gets the heart rate up with will work.  (Sprints are always a winner!)

Here is what my workout looked like….

6:30 workout

You could pick any number of strength exercises, just make sure they cover all your bases.  My focus right now is on stabilizing my shoulders, using the ground, anti-rotation, and challenging my mental focus.  This proved to be a great workout for just that!

Take your list of exercises and simply add a 30 second burst between each set.  I ended up going through the list 3 times and switched back and forth between the battling ropes and jump rope.  Since most of the exercises I was doing were in the sagittal plane, I wanted the bursts to incorporate balance, lateral movement and rotation.

Here are some variations on both!

Now you have some fun options that will help change up your regular routine!  Be sure to take breaks as needed, especially since the heart rate will be headed up.

See you tomorrow!


P.S.  Golf lesson was a success today, everything is headed in the right direction and I was even able to work the ball both ways.  Tomorrow is just a gym day and putting indoors, range Friday, 9 holes Saturday and 18 Sunday.  Hello PNGA Cup next week!

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