Monday Rehab: Hip Drop vs. Lumbar Rotation

Today’s exercise is more about cleaning up the intention behind it in addition to the form. How many of you have tried, or had a trainer take you through either a Scorpion or a Lumbar Rotation Exercise?  If you have not experienced these before, here is what they look like: Good in theory right?  TheContinue reading “Monday Rehab: Hip Drop vs. Lumbar Rotation”

Conquering Koko Head Crater 

“Let the light shining from within you be brighter than the light shining on you” -Dabo Swinney Incredible words spoken by Clemson’s head football coach after their amazing win last night.  Perfect to ponder this morning while conquering this beast of a climb! I loved it so much, I will be back tomorrow to experienceContinue reading “Conquering Koko Head Crater “

Warm Up Wednesday: Split Stance Style

Last week I showed you a lunge and rotation warm up exercise, so this week I wanted to build upon that with some similar options. One of the reasons I love lunges or a split stance position is because of the challenge it presents to the core and pelvis.  You can actively stretch the hipContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: Split Stance Style”

Monday Rehab: Bird Dog Edition

Welcome to the Monday Rehab, this is where every week I will be posting an exercise that is notorious for being performed wrong and show you how to fix it!  Last week I showed you how to clean up those pesky mountain climbers, so this week I wanted to share one of my favorite exercises,Continue reading “Monday Rehab: Bird Dog Edition”

A different kind of heart rate training

Usually we are monitoring our heart rates during exercise, but have you ever monitored it when facing a fear? Flying has always been a challenge for me.  It combines heights, speed and someone else being in control…..probably my three least favorite things on earth.  However, when you decide to play a college sport, you don’tContinue reading “A different kind of heart rate training”