Warm Up Wednesday: Wall Activation

I have been talking glutes a lot the past few days, so why not keep up with the theme for Warm Up Wednesday.  Getting the body prepared for athletic activity is not just about stretching or warming up the muscles, it is also about activating! Here is a quick way to get those glutes firingContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: Wall Activation”

You asked, we answered!

We’ve had a lot of requests this morning for some more variations on the Glute Bridge I posted yesterday and also some questions on ways to better engage the glutes during the exercise. So here are few of my tricks to getting those butt muscles to do their job! The Mini Band!  This awesome trainingContinue reading “You asked, we answered!”

Monday Rehab: Glute Bridge

The glutes are king, no ifs, ands or butts (<—-see what I did there) about it!  And one of the most popular exercises recently to strengthen the glutes is the Elevated Hip Extension with weight, in fact a whole lot of weight.  I do love this exercise, but in everyones quest for a strong behind, oneContinue reading “Monday Rehab: Glute Bridge”

Books, Podcasts and Articles Oh my!

Hello from my couch!  Not something I say very often, but after having a medical procedure done last week and not resting as much as I needed to, I am spending Sunday watching golf and football.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some great reads/posts/podcasts from this past week and whatContinue reading “Books, Podcasts and Articles Oh my!”

Warm Up Wednesday: Squat, Rotate, Reach!

In a perfect world, we would all have endless amounts of time to get the body firing on all cylinders before every round of golf or practice session.  But the reality is, most people run from their car to the first tee, grab the driver and spend the first four holes trying to get loose.Continue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: Squat, Rotate, Reach!”