Looking for a post workout challenge? Try this!

There is nothing I love more than finding fun and creative ways to finish a workout.  It’s the perfect time to get some mental and physical work done, the kind that will translate when you’re on the 16th hole of a tournament and the nervous system is taxed.

So at the end of a workout, I like to pick something that’s going to force me into focusing.  I did this one tonight with my junior group and it ended up being a much larger challenge than they thought.  The best part is, while they are focusing and having fun, what’s really going on is an opportunity to get better!

  • Grab a golf ball and tee, hold it half way down
  • Start from a tall kneeling position
  • The goal is to swing a leg in front with minimal weight shifting
  • In order to do that, do a posterior pelvic tilt to feel the lower abs engage.  Take a breath out and feel those muscles pulling your leg forward
  • This requires a huge amount of hip and core stability, as well as hip mobility to bring the leg forward.  And let’s not forget that you’re also trying to keep the golf ball balanced the entire time 🙂



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